Friday, June 24, 2011

"Stories Behind the Art"

...a personal, in-depth look

Title: "Sunset Over Lake Chapala" Medium: Collage Size 40"x100"

"Sunset Over Lake Chapala" is a custom commissioned collage diptych (meaning two pieces that go together) made for an art collector, Dorothy, who resides in Roseville CA. She wanted an art piece to celebrate the spectacular landscape near her vacation home in Lake Chapala, Mexico...and what a gorgeous area that is...let me tell you!

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Dorothy in her home, listening to her stories, learning about her cherished memories and her adventures in Mexico. I learned that the area around the lake near Guadalajara is known for its "jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring" sunsets. I learned that the stars shine so brightly at night that your eyes can hardly believe what they are seeing. And I learned about heart-felt memories from a dear lady who was willing to share them with me, so I could have meaningful insight from which to create her piece of art...Gosh, I Love what I get to do!

"Story Board" showing different compositions from which Dorothy chose
the sunset sketch to be developed into her finished collage.

Beginning lay-out in progress in my studio.
To help me design the perfect piece for Dorothy, I took many photos of the interior of her beautiful home including photos of the furnishings, existing art, and the lovely oriental carpets - Look closely at the finished collage and you will find small, torn bits of photographs of the paisley scrolls from her oriental carpet hidden within the foliage.

Close-up of the sunset area of the collage painting revealing some
hidden words and imagery that hold special meaning to Dorothy.
Much of my art business involves custom work either for private or corporate clients, and I thoroughly enjoy the process! It is both challenging and rewarding for me to create such personal paintings for my collectors. I often use family photos, vacation maps, personal letters, and other such collage materials in my work. My clients enjoy the "seek and find elements" within my work especially when created just for them. Sometimes collectors even call me months after receiving their piece to tell me that they just discovered a hidden word within the layers of their collage painting...That always makes my day!

Art collector, Dorothy gazing upon her new collage painting, "Sunset Over Lake Chapala"
Collectors' stories and photos are shared only with their permission.
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