Monday, July 04, 2011

Sacramento Bee Article

Check out this cool article in the Sacramento Bee

Collage painting of State Capitol by Eileen Downes

The Sacramento Bee recently published an interesting article by staff writer, Max Ehrenfreund, titled: "Hold Still, Sacramento - Artists Use the City as a Source of Inspiration," reviewing the work of seven Sacramento area artists including me. Below is a short excerpt from the article. You can read the whole thing by clicking here:

...Viewed from a distance, Downes' collages look like paintings. But stand next to one and it will dissolve into misshapen bits of torn magazine paper. "I don't just read a magazine," she said. To her, a woman's brown hair on a slick page is the trunk of a tree. An advertisement for an alligator purse could be a scrap of bark. A line of text could become the reflection of a cloud on the surface of the American River, which she depicted in a series of collages....

...article by Max Ehrenfreund published by the Sacramento Bee, July 4th 2011.

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