Monday, December 27, 2010

Stories Behind the Art...a personal, in-depth look

Title: Lovely Peonies
Medium: Collage Size: 24" x 36"

Lovely Peonies is a custom commissioned collage painting made specially for a private collector. The client, who is a floral designer herself, loves flowers of all types; but pink peonies are her very favorite! I used collage materials in a color palette to harmonize with her antique bed quilt in keeping with the historic beauty of her vintage home. Hidden within the painting are words and phrases that hold special meaning to her - including a favorite Bible verse.

Color Palette and Antique Bed Quilt
Much of my art business involves custom work either for private or corporate clients, and I thoroughly enjoy the process! It is both challenging and rewarding for me to create such personal paintings for my collectors. I often use family photos, vacation maps, personal letters, and other such collage materials in my work. Once even using a photograph of wedding dress lace - such things make the painting very special. My clients enjoy the "seek and find elements" within my work especially when created just for them. See my website for instructions on how to commission a custom painting for yourself.

Artwork installed in client's home above the iron bed
It is my hope that you enjoy reading the "Stories Behind the Art" - a column appearing periodically in my art newsletter, which will focus on the development of my artistic ideas, creative process, as well as the personal collector stories associated with custom artwork.
(Collectors' photos and stories are shared only with their permission.)

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