Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Oh My"....Bees in the studio!

Yes, that's right, there are bees in my studio.
It seems that with all this lovely spring weather we are having lately the honey bees have decided to make my studio chimney their new home. I started noticing one or two bees, then ten or so, and then soon there were hundreds of them flying around my studio. The "bee man" came to remove the hive (he will take it to a bee keeper) and spray an ecologically non-toxic repellent to discourage any future nesting there. He said it was a hive of about 12,000 bees, yep 12,000! Wow! Who knows, maybe my next series will be about Bee's. They are really quite interesting creatures. Funny thing is that I often use bee's wax in my collage paintings...if only I could have thought of a way to harvest the wax and keep the bees....

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