Saturday, February 23, 2008

What is Good Art?

So, What makes any one particular piece of art good? What makes one painting better than another? We could discuss all of the technical, compositional, asthetic components of art here (but that could easily be learned in Art School), but then we would miss out on the most important definition of good art. That would be the intensity of the emotional response the viewer has when observing a piece of art. The personal response is just that...personal. it is entirely subjective, and the very most influential reason a piece of art is good. It is also the very most influential reason a person buys a particular work of art. I tell my collectors, and customers for whom I make custom commissioned artwork to pay close attention to their first impression about the piece, their first reaction. If it is a reaction they want, then that is the piece of art for them.



i think that good art strikes a chord with the heart of the viewer. it speaks to them on a certain level


Eileen Downes...the collage artist said...

Thanks for the comments, I totally agree! Eileen