Monday, June 25, 2007

Questions People Ask....

What is Collage?
Collage, pronounced ko-lahj', simply means pasting or glueing papers or objects onto a surface.
When did Collage start as a fine art form?

In the early 1900's the modernist avante-garde movement began using collage as a fine art medium. Artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were atracted to the use of everyday materials from which to create their works of art.
How long does it take you to make one of your collages?

OK, the question that artist's hate to hear, but a reasonable question none the less. I am asked this question by several customers at every art showing I have attended, and the following is my very best attempt at a straight forward answer: That is a difficult question, as I work on as many as 5 layered collages at a time at various stages of completion. What I can tell you is that the process is very labor intensive from the collecting of papers, tearing of papers, re-tearing of papers, gluing many layers, peeling many layers, and then applying the final touches to the pieces. I give each piece of artwork my very best attention, and each piece holds a part of me in it.
Can you describe your process?

My collage artwork is composed of many layers of torn paper. I use torn magazine papers as my "palette of paint" working the image by adding and subtracting tonal values of paper until I create the desired effect. I enjoy how words, phrases, and imagery from the magazine papers appear almost magically between the edges of the torn paper adding to the meaning of the piece. I leave the rough edges of the collage visible which adds to the layered feeling, and I add a touch of oil pastel to enchance the textural quality of the rough glued papers.
How durable are your collage paintings?

I use archival matte medium and acid free backing paper for my artwork. The magazine paper is not acid free, but is from higher quality printed magazines. The artworks should be framed under glass or plexi without touching the artwork itself. Avoid placing the piece where it would be in direct sunlight.
Do you do commissioned work?

I LOVE working closely with the client, and can make a custom commissioned piece specially for you. Often clients and collectors like me to use their own family photos, letters, maps from vacations etc. to create their custom layered collage. Such commissioned artworks are a joy for me to create, and have special meaning for my clients. Please contact me directly for such a commisioned work of art at

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