Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here she is...
This is a large size special commissioned piece of art that was made specifically for the Gate House Inn in Jackson, California which is a lovely and relaxing bed and breakfast inn. The artwork is a collage painting made from bits of torn magazine papers, and torn photos from the property grounds, as well as torn photos of the heirloom oriental carpet that graces the parlor of the historic inn. Close-ups of the piece showing more detail can be seen in the posts below. I hope you enjoy looking at the artwork, and I also hope you get an opportunity to stay at the delightful bed and breakfast inn.

1 comment:

dawn said...

All of your work is gorgeous! Just amazing. But this piece is breathtaking.

I am so happy I found your web site and blog. Just seeing photos of your work makes my heart soar.

By the way, I stumbled onto your site initially because I believe our husbands are Internet friends, if I'm not mistaken.

I think we are both married to guys named Scott Downes. Mine is a musician and you can hear his music

Again, thanks for letting those of us who might not otherwise discover your art do so through your sites.